There are few things in life that people love universally, but I’m going to guess that London theatre is very much one of those things. The lights, the charged atmosphere as the curtains rise, the whispering excitement; all of these experiences leave a lasting impression even before the first act has begun. The only problem that troubles most people when considering the London theatre is the bookings fiasco that tends to happen with the bigger shows or even just getting the right ticket for the right price. A high-tier London theatre show is anything but cheap and yet there are a few steps that anyone from estate agents Chelsea to your mum’s barber can take to make the process better value for money.

The first step you can take is one you likely already go through; find London theatre listings, look through them and find a show to set your heart on. You needn’t go through a phonebook-sized listing of London theatre reviews to find the one that strikes you as something you want to see. You have two options to avoid this; take a chance on one of the larger critically acclaimed hits like Phantom of the Opera or The Lion King or check out some of the budget shows you wouldn’t mind wasting cash on if you end up not liking it.’s Tickets for a Tenner is usually a great site to take a chance on because you’ll only end up losing 10 quid. It matters not if you’re an estate agent Battersea or a baker from Chelsea; there’s something out there just waiting to surprise you.

The next step is to ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend on London theatre tickets; if you’re not wanting to spend too much then your should give up trying to see some of the larger shows since they will no doubt sound ridiculously priced. When you’re ready, book your ticket but don’t pay yet; check out a seat review for whatever you’ve been allocated – yes a seat review does exist. London theatres breaks people in the first time, but after a few shows you’ll be much more educated to make better decisions about what’s worth your time. However with the tools provided, you can make your first London theatre trip well worth the price of admission.